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Spiritual Ethical Environmental Satya

Empowering Individuals & Communities,

Enriching Our Planet

"Follow the three Rs - Respect yourself, Respect others & always take Responsibility for your actions"

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Spiritual Ethical Environmental Satya (SEES) Foundation has been set-up to support, assist and promote work of a charitable nature by way of actually getting involved in helping others whilst endeavouring to promote one's Spiritual wellbeing, creating and sustaining Ethical codes of conduct, using safe renewable Environmental resources with a pure Satya (truthful) aim.

This strictly not-for-profit charitable foundation has the primary objective of actively pursuing projects that are currently not being fully addressed we believe through our group's professional experience, skills and knowledge, we can enhance these issues at the ground level. Our members will survey projects, establish links with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) already in the field, create plans with strict time scales and then we aim to deliver.

We shall not act in an aid-relief manner as there are already existing charities doing sterling and exemplary work, but more so in a long-term way where individuals and community groups are empowered in a much more sustainable and rewarding manner. Life has taught us that this is what disadvantaged humans beings desire the most.

As the seed for SEES (which literally translates as "Blessing") grew, our group made a conscience decision that we would refuse to take the route where an organisation spent the vast majority of its funds on publicity campaigns, professional fees, expenses for members, salaries, materials for promotional work and such like.

It is humbling to say that 100% - without any exception - of our funds will be used on our projects in the field. All of our team members will meet their own costs and donate a proportion of their income to our foundation inline with our belief of selfless-service to others.

Due to the fact that our group have all been guided in their lives at some stage when they required direction, please kindly note that anyone needing support from us, will be given as much support as we can offer whether they need advice, information, sign-posting or simply to discuss a concern they may have.

I, as an individual and on behalf of SEES Foundation as a whole, thank you kindly for visiting our website.

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Daas Hardev