SEES Foundation

Spiritual Ethical Environmental Satya

"Share your knowledge, thoughts and possessions, it is a way to achieve immortality"

The people responsible for initiating Spiritual Ethical Environmental Satya (SEES), are a group of transnational, liberal, forward-thinking professionals, who wish to take their charity contribution to the next level. We have come together in a formal, yet unrestricted, manner to create an organisation without boundaries that will assist as many others as we possible can.

Our ethos is one of Focus, Integrity and Transparency (F.I.T. - apologies but this is our training coming to the fore!). We are based in civil service, local government, health, private sector positions and some members run their own businesses. It is hoped that we can all make our small contributions into a larger effort that will create real and lasting change. In the past all of us have received some defining support or guidance that has helped us achieve our present status. The hope is now to provide that to others.

In no way, shape or form do we believe that simple giving to charity financially is sufficient; this is not the end but rather the beginning of one's effort. Getting involved spiritually and physically is what is desirable. Making absolutely sure that our input is utilised to its maximum potential and that it creates a positive 'ripple' effect in the immediate and wider vicinity.

From a personal viewpoint (I worked for a charity for a number of years), large amounts of funds were unfortunately spent on unnecessary administrative and professional fees. It is an extremely competitive field, consisting of numerous organisations vying for assistance from a limited pool of donors. Our contributing members will have their details kept confidential and private at all times, as we do not want to publicise their identity and generosity. Although all income and outflow of expenditure is scrupulously accounted for in a clearly auditable manner (yet more of our training coming in use!).

As this is the start of our journey, we sincerely hope that in some small way we may have inspired you to take your own path and that it will aid you in your own spiritual journey and giving help to those that are in need.

Good luck and best wishes,

Daas Hardev