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(10th) Travel...

Posted on 16 November, 2017 at 6:10

Dear reader,

We would like to take this opportunity to discuss how some members of SEES Foundation, have been visiting varied and interesting places and locations across the planet. These trips have come about through personal choices to grow, mature, experience cultures, customs and people who one would not necessarily come across on an everyday basis due to various circumstances. Most accept that travelling truly does broaden one's horizons. However, even in this day and age, you will still come across, places where 'madernity' has hardly impacted it would be fairly inaccurate to claim that all of madernity is detrimental in various ways, but it is truly something to behold how the world was a less complicated place and the vast majority of people were happy, content and not always chasing an unobtainable 'dream'. For some it may come across as a 'less-developed area', although some might believe that progress and quality of life can be measured in other ways?

It could be said that travelling should never be about 'leaving your mark', but about the place 'leaving its mark on you', through experiences, sights, sounds and perhaps most importantly people that will remain dear to you for a lifetime.

Regards to all,

Daas Hardev

(9th) Believe...

Posted on 12 September, 2017 at 6:25

Dear reader,

Whilst as a fledgling Organisation we are content and satisfied with our progression to date, what we are seeing more and more, is a need for growing numbers of people to remain positive and upbeat about the real successes taking place behind the scenes. If we are to believe what we read about everyday in the media, one would get the feeling that other than terrorism, economic downturn, migration crises, natural disasters and more uncertainty for the forseeable future. It would be fair to say that many are cynical, and somewhat suspicious, of spiritual awareness and wellbeing in one's personal life. Of course there is differences between a religious life and a spiritual one, however this does not stop many conflating the two. More and more of the enquires we are receiving relate to assistance and support or even guidance that is needed for many who are feeling rundown and weary of continuing in the 'mainstream'. Of course one does not have to detatch themselves from everyday life in order to achieve spiritual awareness. This comes as a surprise to many who may have previously thought that fulfillment comes from detatchimg yourself from your previous day to day existence. It is not all about mountain top retreats, vegetarian lifestyles, celibacy and adherance to certain aims and objectives!

If you have a family member, colleague, neighbour, friend or even yourself, who needs someone to simply talk to or discuss any wellbeing issue, then please do not hesitate to give them our details. If we cannot assist in any way, we will signpost them to another relevant organisation.

As always our aim at SEES Foundation is to serve the community as a whole.


Daas Hardev

(8th) Progress...!

Posted on 6 July, 2017 at 9:35

Dear reader,

It is very pleasing and also humbling to realise, that in some small way our shared vision of SEES Foundation, has made a small difference in the lives of fellow human beings. We are starting to see results in our Indian project. Following on from the first visit by some of our team members earlier in the year, we are delighted to announce that positive and lasting changes have been made for folk who would normally have been living and working in extremely difficult circumstances. Through assistance, support and guidance, we have managed to help marginalised community members to start and sustain a co-operative in a small village in India. Due to the lack of transportation, communication technology and cultural aspects, some female and children members were spending large amounts of their day in transporting water, food and clothing between distances due to limited facilities and infrastructure. Thanks to a small measure of input from SEES these very able and extremely appreciative people can now focus on education, work related duties and indeed pursue their own interests. It is very encouraging to see how a small amount of resources combined with the ability to organise and the will to help, has led to positive and lasting change.

Of course this is only the beginning of what our hopes and aims are. We in agreement with all stake holders have decided to not include pictures of those we have assisted, are assisting or will assist, as we feel that it is an invasion of privacy to an extent and/or could be deemed as 'exploitative' and as adults we should not be made to feel 'guilty' at such images but rather realise what we are doing is a reflection on ourselves and what change we would like to see on our planet.

Kindest regards,

Daas Hardev

(7th) Visiting India...

Posted on 12 May, 2017 at 5:35

Dear reader,

In April 2017, SEES Foundation saw its first volunteers going to India in connection with one of our projects. The group visited many exciting, wonderful and mysterious places and also achieved the primary aim of completing some of our objectives. These included providing health and well-being advice in rural villages, negotiating peer-to-peer-lending, establishing education scholarships for female students and creating clearer communication channels between members of the public and local authorities. The strategy here is to create independence, greater choice and awareness of rights. We have created local contacts who we can get in touch with, and vice-versa, in order to ensure adequate management of the policies and procedures put in place. As we have provided funds for the initiatives, we will ensure that their is absolute transparency and adherence to our policies at all times. The volunteers who made the trip, did so entirely by self-funding the excursion and this is in keeping with our ethos of solely using our resources for our projects.

We have been delighted to learn that our volunteers found great personal satisfaction in helping those who have extremely limited life choices. It was also partly a spiritual journey in which they had the opportunity to fulfil personal aspirations which assisted in developing personal goals. We are all striving to improve, increase knowledge and create greater awareness of our surroundings and this trip provided the perfect platform to do so.

Hopefully, it is now onwards and upwards!

Thank you to all,

Daas Hardev 

(6th) Update...

Posted on 19 March, 2017 at 14:55

Dear reader,

Since the last post, SEES Foundation has not been dormant, it has been putting together a plan of action which will set the course for our first trip to India this year. As always we will never compromise our values, ethics and commitment to ensure that our aims and objectives are always the end goal. When we began our endeavour we knew it would be a difficult, strenuous and testing voyage. However we strive to remain undeterred of all potential hardships which may fall in our path and hope we can together make positive change.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining our journey and shares our mission statement, please do not hesitate to pass on our details!

Many thanks,

Daas Hardev

(5th) India... Confirmed!

Posted on 28 November, 2016 at 19:00

Dear reader,

Even though some time has elapsed, SEES Foundation has been occupied on various fronts!

We have been putting into place policies and procedures which shall require adhering to for each and every project. To this end, we have concluded that a prelimenary date shall be set in 2017 to go and perform Sewa (selfless-service) in that ancient of lands which is fast modernising yet continues to pose many perplexing issues around: inequality, hunger, illiteracy and health concerns. What has been confirmed is that the trip shall definitely take place next year, but we are still in the process of finalising dates and the places we shall be visiting.

Also it is an opportunity for the volunteer to experience a whole new environment whilst gaining an understanding and appreciation of how others survive with less than the bare minimum. It takes a strong constitution, willpower and focus not to be overcome with what one is sometimes confronted with. It can also be said that, it makes you confront yourself and discover skills, resolve and resilience that previously you may never have known you possessed. This is not for everyone and no judgements are made. Each and every one of us has their own contribution to make and is as valuable as their fellow team member(s).

Nothing is being rushed into and all promises shall be kept and remembered at all times. Every single penny shall be accounted for. All members will be kept fully informed at all times. Any query or question will be answered promptly.

There has been multiple folks who have contacted us with a request to be signposted to relevant trustworthy individuals regarding spiritual, family, health and educational matters. It is our humble privilege to say that they have received the guidance, support and assistance needed to help achieve a successful outcome for their particular issue. This is very important to us here at SEES, in that we help as many people in as many ways as possible.

Best wishes to one and all,

Daas Hardev

(4th) Taking Stock... of the Current Climate

Posted on 4 August, 2016 at 9:05

Dear reader,

I would like to take a small opportunity to discuss current events going on in the world at this moment. The feelings of uncertainty, mistrust, intolerance and misapprehension, are palpable. With individuals and organisations targeting innocent children and adults in their skewered aims and ideologies, it is understandable many would feel less comfortable with 'the other'. Yet it is always the poor, disadvantaged, vulnerable and misplaced who feel and are the victims in most cases. This in itself perpetuates cycles of isolation, limited life chances, wellbeing and radicalisation. We can but hope and pray that love, friendship, understanding and openness will surpass the obstacles and barriers currently in place.

One thing that has been a small positive effect from some of the terrible events taking place across the globe, is that many of the young, and senior, have been trying extremely hard to understand, assist and support those less fortunate than themselves. There really has been a willingness to try and make sense of which way we wish to see humanity move forward that will give each and every one of us the same opportunites to develop and excel.

We shall post another entry with further news concerning our projects in the near future, but thank you for allowing me to mention the above.

Take care,

Daas Hardev

(3rd) On the Way in India... and Brexit

Posted on 28 June, 2016 at 9:30

Dear reader,

It has been some time since the last update, but there has been much going on. As our very first instance of support, we are delighted to announce that SEES Foundation has made a donation to a truly wonderful project in north-western India which assists, supports and guides individuals and families with regards to family matters. This has taken place in recognition of our work looking into what was discussed in the previous blog (female infanticide).

Obviously this is only a small start and can only make progress in what is a long term and complex issue. It is humbling to witness the many people who are ready to give their time and focus to help serve their fellow human beings who may find themselves in distressing circumstances. There has been extremely positive feedback in what the SEES Foundation is trying to achieve. The one fundamental aim and primary objective is to try and ensure that the organisation is not allowed to get caught up in bureaucracy and administration endeavours. The over-riding wish is to maintain simplicity in our tasks, maximum impact, best value and sustainable change. It will take many years to try and get where we want to with our projects, but the focus and resolve is there.

Here in the UK, our country has voted to exit the European Union. These are uncertain times in so many ways and with so much upheaval and conflict across the globe, we can only hope that the British government takes a long-term approach in its negotiations and the work of organisations such as ours is not impacted on too much unnecessarily.

Best wishes to all,

Daas Hardev

(2nd) The Punjab State... and Infanticide

Posted on 8 April, 2016 at 9:15

Dear reader,

Since our launch last month, we have been busy researching the very real and worrying issue of female infanticide in the Indian state of Punjab. This has been an on-going concern which has been concerning the public, local and central government, human rights groups and community activists. It has been tried by various organisations to address this sad issue with mixed results.

Here at SEES, we believe that the utmost priority should be to safely secure the lives of female babies before any harm can be perpetrated against them. The education and awareness of local communities would be a simultaneous task, but the overriding aim is to remove the babies and children from harm's way. It is a complex and unconventional thought process which leads parents to take such drastic actions, it is fairly easy to make assumptions or guess the reasons behind this horrific trend, but SEES' objective here is to simply help those in vulnerable or needy situations and stop this horrific practice.

We have found some sterling projects and initiatives that have and are taking place to deal with this problem. It has been agreed that we will partner-up with a credible, sustainable, transparent and forward-thinking organisation, and to this end, talks are taking place to share ideas and plans as to how our support and assistance can make a true difference in the lives of those that have been abandoned or rescued from being murdered or killed by the very people that should be there to protect them. It is imperative that these blameless young girls get the opportunity to live a full and happy life and are not subject to any stigma.

Please bear with us, we have and always will attempt to ensure that all that we do is comprehensively thought-out and resources allocated in an efficient manner.

Kind regards to all,

Daas Hardev

(1st) Welcome... Day 1

Posted on 8 March, 2016 at 10:25

"When you lose something in life, do not lose the lesson"

It is simply beautiful that we are finally funnelling our dream into the realms of reality. Spiritual Ethical Environmental Satya (SEES) has begun and we are truly delighted to embark upon our journey. We are realistic in that there will be hurdles and challenges to which we must overcome, but our focus and willpower shall prevail. The absolute priority is to maintain everyone and everything in clear communication and with details, information and records remaining accurate at all times. This should be fairly straightforward due to the group's background in management, research, finance and business.

Yet all of this would simply not matter if we did not have the aim and objective of achieving spiritual fullfillment with a genuine desire to support and assist those less fortunate than ourselves.

As we are all currently working and developing SEES, we shall update the website when we have further developments. Please feel free to contact us via whichever method you prefer. So... WELCOME!

Thanking you,

Daas Hardev