SEES Foundation

Spiritual Ethical Environmental Satya

"Get the secret and wisdom of life, which cannot be stolen, destroyed or forgotten"

These Are Our Current Aims

Where do you begin? The planet only becomes known when you travel, see, experience, feel and relate to its vast amount of countries, cultures, communities and worldviews. As a result, we have agreed to initially focus on places and projects where we possess prior knowledge and know-how and so are able to concentrate on realistic challenges whilst monitoring, evaluating and critically reviewing our efforts. The current projects are in such diverse and economically unequal parts of the earth, that our positive endeavours shall make a small difference to the particular community as a whole. 

India Indefinitely...

The Bolivian Beacon...

The Pacific Promise. . .

"When the spirit is crying, it is natural for the body to show distress"

This vast land of people, beliefs and customs is where SEES' members have knowledge with respect to spirituality, culture and social connections. Therefore, we are completely aware of the issues related to poverty, female infanticide and basic sanitation. Of course there are other issues connected to education and health that are also very visible but are being addressed by other organisations and agencies. Our skill set is best suited to what has been mentioned above and we have a very good plan of how we are going to commence our project in India.

Because of the magnitude of what we wish to try and achieve, we will continue this project indefinitely.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"

A truly ancient land that allows one to travel back in time and view the world from a very different perspective. Bolivia is a poor country that is incredibly rich in history and tradition. The majority Quechua and Aymara natives are subsistence farmers leading extremely tough lives in an equally tough environment. We wish to develop ideas and plans where the local population can diversify into ecology-led occupations and not be at the mercy of other. In the wind-swept mountains of the mighty Andes mountains, let us try and create a beacon. 

"Only measure wealth with what cannot be bought"

The islands of the Pacific Ocean are so dispersed and different that they are considered to be in different hemispheres (our project will not those islands that are under the administration of the United States of America). There are multiple communities that are entirely dependent on fishing in order to survive, but unfortunately the rights to do this have been sold in many instances to others and locals have now been left vulnerable. In addition to this, we have also been drawn to the region by a remarkable individual who met our group and evidenced what life is really like for many islanders. Once this was further researched and the information verified, we realised what it was like under the surface of tourism and sun-drenched beaches where there is minimal natural resources. We shall keep our promise.

If you require any further details and/or information, please do not hesitate to use our contact page and we shall provide you with a response as soon as possible.